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ITW Wash Arm Project

Raymath has a long history of serving the Food Equipment Industry. ITW Food Equipment group is our second largest customer and we manufacture parts for their Warewash, Food Machine, Cooking and Cleaning facilities. Over the years, we have worked very closely with their product development personnel, giving input to make parts easier to manufacture.

One of the more interesting projects involved the redesign of a wash arm for a stand alone wash machine. The old design was a two piece assembly with the two parts crimped together. The engineers wanted to get more flow to the outer edges of the machine and were thinking of extending or adding on to each end.

Raymath engineers were not satisfied that was the optimum solution and quickly went to work. Within days, Raymath gave ITW design suggestions. It was a triangular shaped one piece design that was different from any wash arm that currently existed in the industry. Raymath was also able to quickly produce prototypes for review and testing.


The one piece design was inherently less expensive and eliminated a longstanding issue with potential leaks at the crimped seams. It easily provided the increased flow which was the original reason for the redesign. In addition, the new design was more aesthetically pleasing and as one marketing person said “looked like it belonged in this high end machine”. The net result is this design was patented by ITW and became the standard wash arm for that product line to this day.

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